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American Scribe
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The text face used here (as well as elsewhere) is Broadsheet™. The home page letters are set in Emily Austin™ & Lamar Pen™. All typefaces referenced on this website—Abigail Adams™, American Scribe™, Antiquarian™, Antiquarian Scribe™, Attic Antique™, Austin Pen™, Bonnycastle™, Bonsai™, Botanical Scribe™, Broadsheet™, Castine™, Douglass Pen™, Emily Austin™, Geographica™, Geographica Hand™, Geographica Script™, Houston Pen™, Lamar Pen™, Military Scribe™, Old Man Eloquent™, Remsen Script™, Schooner Script™, Terra Ignota™ & Texas Hero™—as well as all other fonts in the Handwritten History™ Bundle— are the intellectual property of Three Islands Press (copyright ©1994–2020). For site licensing contact:

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Write like they used to.
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Our Handwritten History Bundle — 20 fonts at a very deep discount

  • Handwritten History font bundle
  • Handwritten History font bundle
  • Handwritten History font bundle
  • Handwritten History font bundle

“Write like they used to” is one of our mottos around here—but exactly when are we talking about? The changing nature of handwriting over the years got us thinking that penmanship and/or history enthusiasts might like to have easy access to an expansive series of historical font styles at the touch of their fingertips.

Our Handwritten History Bundle is a set of 20 authentic script fonts inspired by actual handwriting across the ages, from the hand-done lettering on antique maps, to the script on 18th-century British muster rolls, to the penmanship of famous American men and women, to the dashed-off scrawl of what might be a member of your family or friend. Where else might you find a type collection that‘ll let you write like John Quincy Adams—or the busy waitress at the local pub, depending on your mood?

All 20 are full-featured “pro” fonts, with numerous OpenType features and support for Central/Eastern European languages. Now you can have the full collection for only $149.00a savings of $581.00! | Order  Buy old fonts

Full Library Historical Pens Antique Texts Old Map Fonts Modern Hands Handwritten History

Terra Ignota (circa 1650), Old Map Fonts Collection.
Terra Ignota font

Antiquarian Scribe (circa 1725), Old Map Fonts Collection.
Antiquarian Scribe font

Remsen Script (circa 1725), Historical Pen Fonts Collection.
Remsen Script font

Military Scribe (circa 1775), Historical Pen Fonts Collection.
Military Scribe font

Abigail Adams (circa 1790), Historical Pen Fonts Collection.
Abigail Adams font

Old Man Eloquent Regular (circa 1800), Historical Pen Fonts Collection.
Old Man Eloquent font

Botanical Scribe (circa 1810), Historical Pen Fonts Collection.
Botanical Scribe font

Schooner Script (circa 1820), Historical Pen Fonts Collection.
Schooner Script font

Texas Hero (circa 1830), Historical Pen Fonts Collection.
Texas Hero font

Emily Austin (circa 1840), Historical Pen Fonts Collection.
Emily Austin font

Lamar Pen (circa 1850), Historical Pen Fonts Collection.
Lamar Pen font

Houston Pen (circa 1860), Historical Pen Fonts Collection.
Houston Pen font

Douglass Pen (circa 1875), Historical Pen Fonts Collection.
Douglass Pen font

Professor (circa 1950), Modern Handwritten Fonts.
Professor font

Pumpkinseed Heavy (circa 1975), Modern Handwritten Fonts.
Pumpkinseed Heavy font

Cedar Street (circa 1985), Modern Handwritten Fonts.
Cedar Street font

Marydale Bold (circa 1990), Modern Handwritten Fonts.
Antiquarian Scribe font

Treefrog (circa 1995), Offbeat Collection.
Treefrog font

Oak Street (circa 2000), Modern Handwritten Fonts.
Oak Street font

Viktorie (circa 2010), Modern Handwritten Fonts.
Viktorie font

Abigail Adams American Scribe Austin Pen Botanical Scribe Douglass Pen Emily Austin

Geographica Script Houston Pen Lamar Pen Military Scribe Old Man Eloquent

Remsen Script Schooner Script Texas Hero Antiquarian Antiquarian Scribe Bonnycastle Geographica

Geographica Hand Terra Ignota Attic Antique Bonsai Broadsheet Castine

Full Library Historical Pens Old Map Fonts Texas Heroes Set Antique Texts Modern Hands

Age of Discovery Bundle

Handwritten History Bundle

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