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Austin Pen font
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Austin Pen Opentype
Austin Pen™

Empresario Stephen F. Austin (1793-1836) is considered by many the “Father of Texas” for leading the first Anglo-American colony into the then-Mexican territory back in the 1820s. But while on a diplomatic mission a few years later, Austin was arrested on suspicion of plotting Texas independence and imprisoned in Mexico City for virtually all of 1834. During this time he kept a secret diary—much of it written in Spanish. Austin Pen is my interpretation of his scribblings in this miniature prison journal (now in the collection of the wonderful Dolph Briscoe Center for American History). On digitizing his bold, plain script, I’m hoping to create a font that’s both legible and evocative of commonplace American penmanship of two centuries ago.

Of course Texas did in fact gain independence, in 1836, and Austin ran for the new republic’s first president. He lost to Sam Houston (see Houston Pen), who appointed him Secretary of State, but soon after Stephen Fuller Austin died at the early age of 43. (Incidentally, our Emily Austin font is modeled after the hand of Austin’s sister, Emily Austin Perry (1795–1851).) For more details about my work on this font, visit The Antique Penman. And to be among the first to hear of Austin Pen’s release, consider subscribing to our e-news list.

 See below for periodic Austin Pen design updates!  

*Note: Anyone who purchases our Historical Pen Fonts Collection or our Full OldFonts Library will receive a copy of Austin Pen when released—at no extra charge.

Geographica Script all alternate caps

21 July 2017. Worked today on an alternate “blot” alphabet—to be accessible as an OpenType stylistic set—that’ll replicate the look of Austin’s script when applied to paper with a leaky pen.

Geographica Script all alternate caps

18 July 2017. Nearly all the extended Latin glyphs are done. Now on to the stylistic alternates.

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