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The text face used here (as well as elsewhere) is Broadsheet™. The home page letters are set in Emily Austin™ & Lamar Pen™. All typefaces referenced on this website—Abigail Adams™, American Scribe™, Antiquarian™, Antiqueacribe™, Attic Antique™, Bonsai™, Botanical Scribe™, Broadsheet™, Castine™, Douglass Pen™, Emily Austin™, Houston Pen™, Lamar Pen™, Old Man Eloquent™, Remsen Script™, Schooner Script™, Terra Ignota™ & Texas Hero™—are the intellectual property of Three Islands Press (copyright ©1994–2014). For site licensing contact:

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A Declaration of Independence font
March Special!
FREE with any order this month is Botanical Scribe™, a full-featured font that replicates the clean, organic script on the floral etchings of Pierre-Joseph Redouté. No discount code required—simply buy any other font (or fonts) before 01 April 2015, and you'll also receive a free download link to the full release of this elegant hand. (Has nearly 700 characters, including many ligatures, and supports Central/Eastern European languages.)
Remsen Script font

Our Latest Release
Introducing Remsen Script™, a Colonial American cursive based on the hand of the penman who engrossed a three-page broadside addressed to British manufacturers on behalf of the merchants of Philadelphia. The merchants' appeal failed, of course, but the broadside survives as an ancestral keepsake of a family named Remsen. Now included in our Historical Pens Collection at the same low package price!

Abigail Adams font

My Dearest Friend
The eponymous inspiration for Abigail Adams™ carried on a famous epistolary dialog with John, her husband and "Dearest Friend," for more than forty years. Abigail Adams wrote swiftly and intellegently, if not beautifully, in a hand that somehow perfectly represents late-1700s America—as well as her role as key advisor to the second President of the United States. Click here for details.

Botanical Scribe font

The Rafael of Flowers
Botanical Scribe™ is modeled after the fine, hand-inscribed legends on the early-19th century floral etchings of Pierre-Joseph Redouté. Because of its slight, organic imperfections, it has a warm, accessible feel while remaining elegant enough for formal invitations and the like. Click here for details.

Terra Ignota font

Unknown Land
Terra Ignota™ was inspired by the handlettering on a 1650 map of North America. The source material is "Amerique Septentrionale," a map by noted French cartographer Nicolas Sanson. Simulate centuries-old documents with a full complement of OpenType features. Click here for details.

Lydia novel

Novel Development
Emily Austin™ figures prominently on the cover of Lydia, a novel published in March by Three Islands Press and written, in fact, by me (Brian Willson)—which probably explains why the protagonist is a type designer who specializes in historical handwriting fonts. The book tells the story of Ed Austin, whose life becomes complicated about the time he aquires box of forgotten letters written by a despondent farm wife in 1829. When he moves into her abandoned homestead, he's visited by Lydia Starbird herself—and begins to question everything. Is she a ghost? A time traveler? Or the invention of a yearning soul? (More information is available here.)

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