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Texas Hero
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Historical Fonts
Write like they used to.
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About the OldFonts.com Type Library:

It's all we've got— three old map fonts (Antiquarian™, Antiquarian Scribe™, and Terra Ignota™), ten historical pen fonts (Abigail Adams™, American Scribe™, Botanical Scribe™, Douglass Pen™, Emily Austin™, Houston Pen™, Lamar Pen™, Old Man Eloquent™, Schooner Script™, and Texas Hero™), and four historical text fonts (Attic Antique™, Bonsai™, Broadsheet™, and Castine™)—for a total of seventeen period typefaces to add a touch of bygone days to your digital designs. All seventeen come with complete character sets—including accents, ligatures, diacriticals, and a surprise or two. (Note: all are OpenType releases, with especially extensive character sets, including support for Central and Eastern European languages.) Buy our entire library for the special price of US$299. | Order  Buy old fonts

Old Script and Text Fonts
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Historical Text and Script Fonts
OldFonts.com Type Library
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OldFonts.com Type Library
Old Fonts
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Abigail Adams Handwriting Fonts American Scribe Handwriting Fonts Botanical Scribe Handwriting Fonts Douglass Pen Handwriting Fonts Emily Austin
Houston Pen Handwriting Fonts Lamar Pen Handwriting Fonts Old Man Eloquent Handwriting Fonts Schooner Script Handwriting Fonts Texas Hero
Antiquarian Handwriting Fonts Antiquarian Scribe Handwriting Fonts Attic Antique Text Fonts Bonsai Text Fonts Broadsheet Text Fonts Castine
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Historical Script and Text Fonts
Historical Fonts
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Bonsai is very beautiful; the font's antiquity seems to conjure a sweet staleness of old newsprint, somehow.”
—A.T., Ontario, Canada

“I took one look at American Scribe and knew it was the Declaration of Independence before reading the ad copy. You captured it perfectly.”